LRH Advisory Group brings decades of diverse nonprofit management and organizational knowledge and experience to meet your needs. 

BalanceWe specialize in structure, systems, planning and managing utilizing a mission-reflective methodology that is contextualized for each organization. Bringing international- and US-based perspectives and a systems approach, we work with you, your staff and board to recognize your strengths, uncover and address challenges, and create inclusive organizational processes that reflect and meet your mission.

We have worked with nonprofit organizations to:

  • Create workplaces that reflect the organizational mission;
  • Hone managing and leadership skills;
  • Create strong, united, mission-driven teams;
  • Ensure inclusive decision-making;
  • Build and maintain strategic plans;
  • Investigate and strengthen communication between individuals and departments;
  • Strengthen relationships between organizational staffs and board;
  • Develop board cohesion and role clarification;
  • Increase accountability and transparency both internally and externally.

Our work together starts with a consultation call to determine needs and discuss contextually-based methodologies based on needs in relation to board, staff and those with whom the organization works.

We specialize in working with networks and alliances to ensure clarity of purpose, harmonize public presence, and ensure transparency and accountability.

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